These last few months have been a whirlwind of activity with Anahata and I'd like to thank everyone for their dedication and support in making the first showing truly special.

I am pleased to announce that Anahata will be traveling to Scarsdale, NY fall and the work will be on view in Scarsdale from September through November. This event is sponsored by and made possible by Robert Zohn and Value Electronics, to whom we have immense gratitude for his support. More details will be made available as they come.

I am also very excited that acclaimed documentarian, John Thornton, will be making a film chronically the development of Anahata from it's inception, the shooting process and the last show featuring behind the scenes footage and interviews with cast and crew.

John Singletary and Perry Felix Design is collaborating to produce limited edition, custom designed, one of a kind installation pieces in fine Shou Sugi Ban wood enclosures. Pieces are highly custom, built to spec and ready to for installation. Designs will be released later this fall and we will begin taking orders.